May 26, 2015


Yesterday was Memorial Day. HF blessed me with  weather crappy enough that there was no swimming, I don't think I can emotionally take anything more. Like going into the pool when I really do not like it. I used to love swimming, but it hasn't been the same since my little stunt, I used to go into the pool out of love ( fat lot of good all that was).
           We had a family home evening message that really hit me, it was about fear and how we can conquer our fears if we look to Christ, like when Peter was able to walk in water, and when he stopped focusing on the Savior, he fell. It was very similar to the message from Relief Society. Just what I needed. Just what my fearful heart needs.
           I am so very grateful for programs like FHE, for my family, for the inspiration we can all receive if we ask for it, I am so so grateful for my Savior and all He does for me.