Jul 31, 2015

Of going the distance

This might be somewhat of a weird post, but I just had a Disney moment.
I can see me and Honkules, I mean Hercules, can be similar. We are both  children of a God roaming in this world,  we both go to the temple for answers, And we can go most everywhere to find were we belong.
The difference is my everywhere comes with blue bell ice cream, (it's coming back!), I can't  wait till the day the song zero to hero is sung for me.

Jul 30, 2015

Of accepting what comes next

I was fixin' to just up and go to lie on blue bonnets in the Lonestar state by my birthday while eating a whataburger. Today I scheduled an appoinment that wont allow me to do so. I think Heavenly father wants me to face things as they really are and not run away from my tribulations. I've always hated goodbyes, this one might aswell just kill me.
 If I focus on the good, I can plan my birthday bash now, I'm all about birthdays you know, it's heartbreaking to just imagine this one in my current circumstances. But if I'm being thrown all this hazardous waste in the face, is because I can take it.